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Water Sports!


Hunting and Fishing are great at Harlan County Lake.
So are . . .

Water Sports!
Boating, Water Skiing, Jet Skiing, Wind Surfing, Wake Boarding and Tubing.

The Republican River

Inner Tubing and Canoeing.


Hiking, Cycling and ATVs, Horseback Riding!

Swimming, BBQs and FUN!

Water Skiing
Jet Skiing
Wind Surfing
Wake Boarding

Beaches are great for swimming, BBQs
and fun in the sun!

In addition to the wonderful wildlife, birds, hunting and fishing in Harlan County, the Lake is also ideal for Water Sports!

The Lake is 8 miles long and 2 miles wide forming a surface area of 13,250 acres!  There are two marinas, Patterson Harbor on the south side and North Shore Marina on the north side.  There are 4 major boat ramps offering easy access to the lake.  See More!  There are major beaches on north and south sides of the lake close to the dam, at Patterson Harbor and various other locations along the lake's 78 miles of shoreline.  Beaches are popular spots for swimming, wind surfing, jet skiing and BBQs!

Water Sports at Harlan County Lake!

Tubing on the Republican River

Fun on the Republican River!

The Republican River continues east below the dam and as water is released through the spillway each summer, the current is swift making inner tubing and canoeing popular!

Canoers and tubers either ride the rapids close to the dam, or travel as far down the river as Naponee, about 6 miles by river, or Franklin which is nearly 20 miles! 

Learn more about canoeing!
Canoeing NGPC 

Hiking, Cycling and ATV Trails!

Have a great time on the trails near the lake!  A great trail for hiking is the "River's Edge" nature trail which lies within North Outlet Park and winds through the trees along the river bottom.

There is an All Terain Vehicle trail on 500 acres of land south of the lake.  A new addition is under construction that will redefine ATV riding!  Motor cycles are welcome on the trail!


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